White Way Web
Alpesh Kumar

Co-Founder & CTO

Just try to work with me and you’ll see: I can do my work well and on time. Being the Co-founder and CTO at White Way Web, I have 11+ years skill in full-stack web site development (prototype, graphic design,

White Way Web
Bhoomi Patel

CEO & Founder

Apart being CEO & Founder of White Way Web, I am WordPress full-stack developer. I like do complex high quality websites. ? My best skills: – Page Speed Optimization, I do easy 100 points on Google PSI for mobile –

White Way Web
Sawan Modi

Senior Android Developer

I’m developing Android mobile apps since 2010 on a daily basis. I hone my skills every day with the help of professional practice in order to make the development process faster and qualitative. List of my skills that I will

White Way Web
Binal Vaghela

Senior UX/UI Designer

I’m Binal and I create web design that makes your heart beat faster? I am UX/UI designer with: ? 11 years of commercial experience. ? 1000+ completed projects ? 1000+ satisfied customers Here is a list of things I can

White Way Web
Sushil Sakhawalkar

Strategic Partner, Marketer & Tester

? I got more than 10+ years in QA Testing – Writing a lot of Test Cases daily. – More than 1,000 bugs found. – More than 1000 tests completed. – Testing the platform and draw up a detailed report;